Faces of March

FOM-03Faces of March is an alternative rock band from Miami, FL, formed by Gia (vocals) and Eli (drums), who were later joined by Joe (guitar) and Marcelo (bass). The best comparison is to Evanescence. Yes, the band does, in fact, sound like that influential alternative rock band.2008FOM And, Gia is a good singer, but not as good as Amy Lee. But, who is really? So maybe Flyleaf is a better comparison since Gia’s voice and Lacey’s are similar, as is their music. Faces of March would be a perfect opening act for alternative rock bands like Shinedown, Theory of a Deadman, Breaking Benjamin, etc. Their 2008 debut, “Confessions,” is filled with radio-friendly alternative rock which would have yielded several minor hits if they were on a major label. Tracks like “Who’s To Blame,” “Nothing,” “Alone” and “Wannabe” demand mainstream airplay with their post-grunge anthemic choruses. Plus, “Too Late” adds a nice Evanescence-ish piano ballad. Sadly, “Confessions,” is their only release to date. But, I’m hoping to hear from them again, soon.

Website: Faces of March Official Website

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