Kobra and the Lotus

Kobra-01AKobra and the Lotus is a female-fronted Canadian heavy metal band from Calgary, Alberta, formed in 2009. The members, since 2012, are Kobra Paige (vocals), Jasio Kulakowski (lead/rhythm guitar), Charlie Parra del Riego (lead/rhythm guitar),Kobra-02 Robert Steele (bass) and Lord Griffin Kissack (drums). Kobra and the Lotus is best compared to Iron Maiden with a female singer. I’ve never been much of an Iron Maiden fan, but I do love the all-female tribute band The Iron Maidens (see Random Musings #10 here). Kobra and the Lotus, however, are not a tribute band. Kobra Paige writes original power metal influenced by Iron Maiden and other NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) bands, like Judas Priest, Motörhead, Saxon, etc. Classic Rock magazine said: Kobra And The Lotus are the fire-breathing, female-fronted heavy metal bombshell. Classic, Priest-loving riffs. Powerhouse drummer. Singer who can belt the Halfordian high-notes …” But, the band’s Facebook page says it even better:Kobra-04 “This is music played without compromise or apology – fuelled by the finest traditions of the genre, by the great names who have gone before, but with a keen eye on the future and the raw edge of youth to keep the pot boiling over.” Perfect.

Now, it would be so cool if Kobra was her real first name, right? It’s not. Her real first name is Brittany, but, that’s cool, too. Kobra Paige was featured in the Metal Hammer magazine’s 2010 Metal Maidens Calendar, along with Maria Brink (In This Moment), Alissa White Cluz (The Agonist), Doris Yeh (Chthonic), Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and other sexy and talented metal chicks. Kobra Paige is definitely a sexy metal chick. Check out theses pics, with Paige all dolled up metal style in black leather and what not. I think Kobra Paige might be the most beautiful chick in heavy metal! But, of course, she has the talent to back up her beauty.

Kobra-05Kobra and the Lotus self-released their debut, Out of the Pit, in 2010. But, during the recording of the follow-up, the band caught the ear of Gene Simmons of KISS who signed them to his label, Simmons Records, and, eventually, released the self-titled album in 2013.Kobra-06 If you’re a fan of Iron Maiden and/or Judas Priest you will either love this band or hate them. I’m not a (big) fan of either of those bands, and I love Kobra and the Lotus. But, I love metal chicks who can rock as hard as metal dudes, and Kobra Paige certainly can. Her commanding vocals soar over her band’s power metal guitar riffs, driving bass and pounding drums, taking charge on these 10 tracks. “50 Shades of Evil” is, arguably, the best track here. “50 shades of evil / Only the Devil could wear well,” Kobra wails. I love that. “No Rest for the Wicked” and “Welcome To My Funeral” are favorites, too. And, “Sanctuary” is a cool track that begins softly, with piano, as Kobra kicks it, briefly, Amy Lee style.

Watch some videos from this album here:

Kobra-07Kobra and the Lotus Discography
2010 – Out of the Pit [Album]
2013.04.16 – Kobra and the Lotus [Album]

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