Pitty-01APitty is an influential Brazilian alternative rock solo artist who was born Priscilla Novaes Leone on October 7, 1977, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and raised in Porto Seguro. Her nickname was derived from her diminutive stature, but she makes up for her height with big talent.Pitty-02 Pitty is a singer/songwriter and plays guitar, piano and drums. She started her career as the drummer for the all-female rock band Shes (1997-1999), then as the singer for the hardcore punk band Inkoma (1995-2001). She became a solo artist after Inkoma disbanded, at the urging of producer Rafael Ramos, and, eventually, became one of the best selling Brazilian rock artists of the 2000s. Her main influences include Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains, Metallica, AC/DC, The Smiths, The White Stripes, The Mars Volta, Muse, and others. Pitty is also one half of the Brazilian folk duo Agridoce with Martin Mendonça. Pitty plays piano, Mendonça plays guitar, and both sing. Agridoce is inspired by the music of Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith, and their self-titled debut (2011) includes a cover of The Smiths“Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want”.

Pitty-03Pitty’s solo debut Admiravel Chip Novo (2003), whose title was inspired by Aldous Huxley’s 1931 novel Brave New World, was the biggest selling Brazilian rock album of 2003. Five singles (“Máscara”, “Admirável Chip Novo”, “Teto de Vidro”, “Equalize”, and “Semana Que Vem”) were released,Pitty-04 all with videos, while a sixth (“I Wanna Be”) was released without a video. “Máscara” is often covered by other Brazilian artists, including my favorite Brazilian pop/rockers Fake Number. “Máscara” is about hiding behind false impressions of who you really are. In the bridge, Pitty sings, in English, “I had enough of it and I don’t care.” The theme of falsity, and the consequence of revealing the truth, is reiterated in the often covered as well “I Wanna Be”. Pitty sings, in English, “I wanna be away from here,” then adds, in Portuguese, “When the bomb explodes!” Google Translate is awesome!

Watch the videos for “Máscara” and “Admirável Chip Novo” here:

Admiravel Chip Novo is a great album, no doubt, and was even certified platinum, but, truth be told, I prefer Pitty’s second album, Anacrônico (2005), on which she wears her love of Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age out loud.Pitty-05 Once again, five singles (“Anacrônico”, “Memórias”, “Déjà Vu”, “Na Sua Estante” and “De Você”) were released, all with videos. All are excellent, but “Memórias” and “Na Sua Estante” are my favorites of the singles. “Brinquedo Torto”, not a single, is also a favorite, and, “Aahhh” is a cool return to Pitty’s hardcore roots, but “No Escuro” is my most favorite Pitty song of all, bar none. “No Escuro” borrows the acoustic riff of Nirvana‘s “Polly” for the first verse, then, in the second, kicks out the power chords, and, in the final verse, Pitty delivers a fiery vocal that sends chills down my spine! Sadly, no video. Bastards. Finally, the last track “Querer Depois” is a cool piano instro mixed with some guitar feedback. Excellent album!

Watch the videos for “Anacrônico” and “Memórias” here:

Pitty‘s third album, (Des)Concerto Ao Vivo (2007), was a live album, recorded at Citibank Hall in São Paulo on 6/7/2007. The album included performances of the best tracks from her two studio releases and three new songs:Pitty-07 “Pulsos”, “Malditos Cromossomos” and “Seu Mestre Mandou”. The latter is another cool return to her hardcore roots. Three of the tracks were also released as singles: “Pulsos”, “Brinquedo Torto” and “De Você”. I’m not a big fan of live albums, but this one’s not bad especially the live versions of “No Escuro” and “Máscara”. In 2007, Pitty also teamed up with Brazilian R&B singer Negra Li for the EP Estúdio Coca-Cola: Pitty e Negra Li. This live performance was taken from a program that aired on MTV Brazil in partnership with Coca-Cola. Pitty and Negra Li mixed songs from both of their careers in both of their styles.

Watch Pitty perform “No Escuro” live here:

Pitty‘s third studio album (4th overall), Chiaroscuro (2009), is definitely the most musically diverse, incorporating influences such as “soul, tango, bolero and even classical music.” The title is taken from the Italian phrase “claro e escuro”Pitty-06 which describes artist Leonardo Da Vinci’s technique of contrasting light and dark to create depth, and Pitty‘s sound is a contrast of light and heavy music. Or something like that. Anyway, only three singles (“Me Adora”, “Fracasso” and “Só Agora”) were released, all with videos. “Fracasso” is my favorite of the singles. Three tracks (“Sob o Sol”, “Pra Onde Ir” and “Just Now”) didn’t even make the cut, and appeared, later, on a DVD. But, other favorites, from the album, include “Desconstruindo Amélia”, “Medo”, and, especially, the English Beat-esque “Rato na Roda”. And “Todos Estão Mudos” is like a spaghetti western theme.

Watch the video for Fracasso here:

Pitty‘s second live album (5th overall), A Trupe Delirante No Circo Voador (2011), recorded in Rio de Janeiro in December 2010, featured more greatest hits to date plus one new song: “Comum de Dois”. Two tracks were released as singles: “Comum de Dois” and “Se Você Pensa”. The latter is a cover of a 1968 song by Roberto Carlos and Erasmo Carlos (he says as if he knows who they are!).

Pitty-08Pitty (Solo) Discography
2003 – Admirável Chip Novo [Album]
2005 – Anacrônico [Album]
2007 – (Des)Concerto Ao Vivo (live recording) [Album]
2007 – Estúdio Coca-Cola: Pitty e Negra Li (live recording) [EP]
2009 – Chiaroscuro [Album]
2011 – A Trupe Delirante No Circo Voador (live recording) [Album]


Agridoce-01Agridoce is, surprisingly, a pretty cool side project. I say surprisingly because I’m not much a fan of folk music, rock or otherwise. Agridoce‘s songs are Americana-ish, like Ryan Adams‘ softer acoustic side, and, I love Ryan Adams. Pitty sings in Portuguese, English and even French (I think) in Agridoce. “Embrace the Devil”, “Dançando” and “Romeu” are my favorites.

Watch the video for “Dançando” here:

Agridoce Discography
2011 – Agridoce [Album]
2012 – Agridoce E.P. [EP]


Inkoma-01Inkoma was the complete opposite of Agridoce. Inkoma played loud, aggressive punk rock. Their debut, Influir (2000), was just 9 songs in 20 minutes. “Não me importo” is my favorite track. If they have more releases I can’t find any.

Watch the video for “Soneto” here:

Inkoma Discography
2000 – Influir [Album]

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  2. You should check her new album Setevidas! I think you would also enjoy the brazilian band Far From Alaska, once their lead singer shared the stage with Pitty to perform Máscara.

    • I love Setevidas! It was released after I did the post and I don’t update that blog much. And, based on your recommendation, I watched some of Far From Alaska’s videos, and I think I found my next new favorite Brazilian band! They sound like Dead Sara. I just downloaded Modehuman a minute ago! Thanks!

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